The end of the 19th century. In a run-down village somewhere in the South, the dictatorial feudal lord Philipp mercilessly exploits the people. Under the command of the power-hungry Ligo, a private army of murderers and overseers secures the control of the merciless tyrant. Whoever rebels is shot immediately.

Philipp’s son Carlos wants to end his father’s reign of terror. And so, with the help of a group of revolutionaries he tries to win over the workers and farmers who are paying their blood tithes without resistance.

In the end, however, Carlos’s own ambition leads to the failure of his plans….


Carlos: Gottfried John

Philipp: Bernhard Wicki

Lisa: Geraldine Chaplin

Clara: Anna Karina

Pedro: Thomas Hunter

Ligo: Horst Frank

Domingo: Shaike Ophir

Roswitha: Lorenza Colville

Tassos: Ruven Steffer

Enrico: Sabi Dor

Mario: Yossi Shiloah

Col: Leon Charney

Monk: Shmuel Wolff

1st Saloongirl: Mona Silberstein

2nd Saloongirl: Channa Neemann

and Beatrice Shimshoni, Micha Scharfenstein, Avraham Heffner, Ebba Kaiser, Peter Collins, Raphi Nelson, Ramy Jacob



Director: Hans W. Geißendörfer

Screenplay: Hans W. Geißendörfer, an interpretation of Schillers “Don Carlos”

Associate producer: Gunther Witte

Set design: Hans Gailling

Director of photography: Robert Müller

Music: Ernst Brandner