Jones is called in when someone needs a contract killer. Jones is quick, clinical and good at his trade. Those who hire him never object to the price he demands. Jones arrives in town on the early morning train. His assignment is to take out the boss of Warner-Trans. But when he tries to kill him, the unexpected happens. The boss of Warner is on his guard. He has been tipped off.

What happened? Did the go-between Alexander Scrooge snitch on the contract killing? Is Franketti, the man who gave Jones the assignment, just playing games? Or is Abraham, the big boss who’s way out of Franketti’s league, pulling the strings? Until now, Jones has always been used to flawless work.

Now he finds himself trapped between two gangs. Jane, a beautiful young woman, decides his fate.


Heinz Bennent: Jones

Martine Brochard: Jane

Eddie Constantine: Boss

Paul Albert Krumm: Alexander

Klaus Lemke: Ed

Ton Lensink: Franketti

Hammie de Beukelaer: Rob

Harry Weitner: Louis

Barbara Witow: Maria

Giovanni Lippolis: Antonio

Albert van Doorn: The old man

Wim Poncia: Receptionist

Rolf Zacher: Delivery van driver



Director: Hans W. Geißendörfer

Screenplay: Hans W. Geißendörfer, Roland Koller

Set design: Wolfgang Schünke

Associated producer: Gunther Witte

Director of photography: Robert Müller

Music: Klaus Doldinger


Produced by Westdeutscher Rundfunk | First shown 29th October 1970