In Germany’s first ever series, which launched in December 1985, the focus lies on the Lindenstraße (Lime Street): a typical street in Munich with its blocks of flats, cafés, an organic foodstore, a supermarket and a restaurant.

The series portrays German reality and accompanies its residents in their everyday lives,- showing the hopes, joys, fears and desires amongst friends, families and neighbours.

An additional and unique feature of the series is the current updates, which are produced a few days before each episode is aired. A scene, or part of a scene, from the episode is re-written and re-shot to contain current affairs from politics, business or sport. The scene is then edited into the episode to be broadcast on the following Sunday.


Michael Baral, Daniela Bette, Julia Beerhold, Jo Bolling, Anna Sophia Claus, Irene Fischer, Joris Gratwohl, Erkan Gündüz, Ludwig Haas, Hermes Hodolides, Axel Holst, Joachim H. Luger, Marie-Luise Marjan, Sarah Masuch, Philipp Neubauer, Sontje Peplow, Aaron Rufer, Moritz A. Sachs, Jannik Scharmweber, Toni Snetberger, Gunnar Solka, Philipp Sonntag, Andrea Spatzek, Julia Stark, Greta Short, Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum, Amorn Surangkanjanajai, Jacqueline Svilarov, Sara Turchetto, Georg Uecker, Claus Vincon, Cosima Viola, Martin Walde, Sybille Waury, Moritz Zielke a.o.



Directors (since 1985 in alphabetical order):

Esti Amrami, Kerstin Ahlrichs, Iain Dilthey, Sylke Enders, Herwig Fischer, Wolfgang Frank †, Hans W. Geißendörfer, Holger Gimpel, Michael Günther, Kaspar Heidelbach, Jens Hercher/Daniel Anderson, Karin Hercher, Nikolai van der Heyde, Ilse Hofmann, Ron Jones, Lutz Konermann, Heidi Kranz, Severin Lohmer, George Moorse †, Christa Mühl, Maria Neocleous-Deutschmann, Dominikus Probst, Peter Wekwerth, Patrick Winczewski, Claus Peter Witt †, Dr. Susanne Zanke


Script: Anke Heindel, Cathrin Lüth, Michael Meisheit, Tina Müller, Ruth Rehmet, Jens Schleicher

Producer: Hana Geißendörfer, Hans W. Geißendörfer

Editor: Götz Schmedes (WDR)



“Bambi”, 1988

„Goldene Kamera”, 1998

„Adolf-Grimme-Preis mit Gold” for Hans W. Geißendörfer as creator and producer of “Lindenstraße”, 2001

„Bobby” – Medienpreis der Bundesvereinigung Lebenshilfe, for special merits of the recognition of disabled people in society, 2001

„Preis für Dialog und Toleranz” from German parity welfare association, 2004

„Lifetime achievement award” for Hans W. Geißendörfer and his work on “Lindenstraße” in context of the award ceremony from „DVD champions”, 2006