The only thing Rosie (Julia Howard) wants is to play with her older sister Miranda (Lucy Millet) and be accepted by her and her friends. But the age difference between the siblings means that little Rosie is often simply excluded. But one day, Miranda is ordered by her mother to take Rosie on a bike ride into the woods with her friend. In the beginning the three girls play peacefully in the forest before Miranda is annoyed by Rosie because she doesn’t understand the game. Without really thinking, the two older girls leave Rosie alone in the forest, tied to a tree. While Miranda is chatting carefree with her friend and enjoying sweets, a strange man finds Rosie at the tree. When Miranda then returns to free her sister, Rosie is nowhere to be seen. Panicked Miranda fetches her mother and the hectic search for Rosie begins. Concerned, the two plunge through the forest and Miranda has to confess her evil deed to her mother.
After an unsuccessful search, mother and daughter return home frustrated, only to discover that Rosie is waiting for them in the forecourt. The man who found her in the forest has brought her home safely. But while his mother thanks him for his nice deed, Miranda discovers that Rosie is wearing her T-shirt upside down. Too confused and scared to tell her mother, Miranda now has to live with the guilt and uncertainty of what may have happened to her little sister while having fun with her friend.


Julia Howard, Lucy Millet, Jessica Chanliau, Liz Coke, Sebastian Siroux a.o.



Director: Hana Geißendörfer

Script: Nini Castaneda

Cinematography: Noah Pankow

Production: Hana Geißendörfer (GFF)


“Best Youth Short Film” at the International Short Filmfestival Berlin, 2008