Parents try to manipulate the imagination of the child with the objective of making her become insane, consequently enabling them to have her committed to a mental institution.

The stages of their plan are uncovered as the story unfolds, revealing the depths of psychic shock and horror.


Michael: Heinz Bennent

Ann: Anne Bennent

Father: Gunter Malrzacher

Mother: Diane Bennent

Babette: Barbara Rütting

Ronny: Henri Serre

Priest: Siegfried Kristen

David: David Bennent

David’s father: Franz Josef Steffens

Doctor: Hans Elwenspoek

and Dieter Wagner, Hans Grewells, Karl Baumgartner



Director: Hans W. Geißendörfer

Screenplay: Klaus Bädekerl, Bernd Eichinger

Associated producer: Gunther Witte

Produced by Bavaria, Munich | First shown 22nd January 1974