Hermann (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) is 67 years old and lonely. He does have Gloria – but she is only a budgie. He distracts himself from his solitude with his love for ornithology and rigidly structured days, yet he is still full of desire. Then he meets Jörg (Dietrich Adam). With Jörg, Hermann’s hopes are raised that he may no longer have to be lonesome. However things are not as easy as they first seem, especially with Gloria standing in his way…


Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Dietrich Adam, Steffen Will, Horst D. Scheel, Lilli Holunder



Director & Script: Hana Geißendörfer

Cinematography: Felix Poplawsky

Production: Hana Geißendörfer

Co-Production: Lilli Geissendörfer


“Best Live Action Short over 15 minutes” at the Palm Springs Short Fest, 2010