The story of a shy 17-year-old girl from a broken marriage, who runs the household for
her father since her parents seperation. When her father is found dead one day, she believes that she is on the trail of a crime.


Marie: Anna Martins

Mother: Maria Schell

Father: Heinz Bennent

Anette: Lis Verhoeven

Robert: Wilfried Klaus

Teacher: Heidi Stroh

Student: Ilona Grübel

and Peter Gebhardt, Hermann Hom, Wilhelm Meyer, Ivor Murillo, Hans Michael Rehberg, Ecco Reinelt, Katharina Seyferth, Edith Volkmann, Erika Wackernagel



Director: Hans W. Geißendörfer

Screenplay: Klaus Bädekerl, Hans W. Geißendörfer

Associated producers: Gunther Witte, Helmut Krapp

Set design: Hans Gailling

Director of photography: Robby Müller