Falling in love in the past isn’t a particularly good idea. At least, that’s what Gwendolyn Shepherd (MARIA EHRICH), an involuntary time-traveler, thinks. After all, she and Gideon (JANNIS NIEWÖHNER) have very different problems. For example, saving the world. Or learning to dance the minuet. And neither of these is really that simple! So when Gideon starts acting all strange, Gwendolyn realises that she’s got to get her hormones in check right away.

It’s good that she knows she has important advisers she can turn to: her best friend
Leslie (JENNIFER LOTSI), the little water gargoyle Xemerius (voice: RUFUS  BECK), the school ghost James (KOSTJA ULLMANN) and her grandfather as a young man (BASTIAN TROST) who gives her some important advice in the past. But Gideon and Gwendolyn’s love is put to the utmost test when they have to defend themselves against a dangerous alliance and fall into the clutches of the Duke of St. Germain (PETER SIMONISCHEK).


Gwendolyn Shepherd: Maria Ehrich

Gideon de Villiers: Jannis Niewöhner

Lucy Montrose: Josefine Preuß

Paul de Villiers: Florian Bartholomäi

Aunt Maddy: Katharina Thalbach

Mr. George: Rüdiger Vogler

Leslie: Jennifer Lotsi

Earl of Saint Germain: Peter Simonischek

Grace: Veronica Ferres

James: Kostja Ullmann

Charlotte: Laura Berlin

Madame Rossini: Justine del Corte

Margret Tilney: Chiara Schoras

Mr. Whitman: Johannes von Matuschka

Mr. Bernhard: Johannes Silberschneider

In new parts: Rolf Kanies, Bastian Trost, Lion Wasczyk, Oscar Ortega Sanchez and Sandra Borgmann.



Director: Felix Fuchssteiner, Katharina Schöde

Screenplay: Kathanrina Schöde, nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Kerstin Gier

1st assistent director: Frank Schneider

2nd assistent director: Nataly Dietz

Directory of photography: Sonja Rom

Recording supervisor: Magnus Pflüger

Set design: Ralf Schreck

Costume design: Alexander Beck

Make-up artist: Anette Kaiser

Gaffer: Tommy Schulz

Editor: Wolfgang Weigl

Music: Philipp Kölmel

Line producer: Thomas Blieninger, Andreas Habermaier

Production manager: Lothar Hellinger

Location manager: Jens Enderling

Producer: Philipp Budweg, Robert Marciniak, Thomas Blieninger, Hans W. Geißendörfer, Felix Fuchssteiner, Katharina Schöde, Markus Zimmer

“Sapphire blue” was produced by Tele München, mem-Film GmbH, Lieblingsfilm GmbH, Geißendörfer Film- and TV-Production and Arri Film TV.

The movie was supported by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Filmförderungsanstalt, Deutscher Filmförderfonds and FilmFernsehFonds Bavaria.