The story of Georg (Samuel Finzi) and Olga (Eva Löbau). Georg, who is aiming to direct the first German auteur comedy for a mainstream audience during the Euro 2012 in Poland. And Olga, who broke up with Georg a month before the shoot, because he persistently refused to start a family with her. But everything turns out quite differently than expected. Disaster strikes when the film’s Polish producer reveals to Georg that he no longer wants to make the film. And Olga, who has come along as costume designer, realises that she is pregnant.

And so the potential beginning of a glorious future for German comedy becomes a journey into the past: a couple’s past, but also the past of many individuals and two very different countries. The journey throughout the Euro 2012 and the collapsing film
shoot is painful, but also extremely funny.

In the end, the optimistic energy radiating from Olga and Georgs unborn child provides to be much stronger than their doubts – even if it still far from certain whether Georg and Olga will become a couple again or form some sort of family.


Samuel Finzi, Eva Löbau, Laura Tonke, Harald Kempe, Mirek Balonis, Vivien Mahler a.o.


Director & Script: Franz Müller

Cinematography: Kawe Vakil

Premiere at the São Paulo International Film Festival in Brazil (Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo), 2014