He will not survive. Leo Janek (Florent Raimond) is lying under a respirator in intensive care. Somebody dumped the gravely injured young father in front of the clinic. Inspectors Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann) and Martina Bönisch (Anna Schudt) hunt for clues in Janek’s surroundings. Within which there have apparently been frictions of late: in his job at a bank, with his wife Klara (Inez Bjørg David), with his son, and also with his brother-in-law Frank (Constantin von Jascheroff), for whom he procured a loan. All this felt like a dead end to adventure-loving Leo Janek. He got his kicks parachuting. Inspectors Nora Dalay (Aylin Tezel) and Daniel Kossik (Stefan Konarske) are investigating his skydiving club undercover. They find out that Leo Janek was involved in the Base-jumping scene where parachuting from tall buildings is considered the ultimate challenge. Did he lose his life in a daring jump?


Jörg Hartmann, Anna Schudt, Aylin Tezel, Stefan Konarske, Florent Raimond, Inez Bjørg David, Albrecht Schuch a.o.



Director: Züli Aladaǧ

Script: Ben Braeunlich

Cinematography: Yoshi Heimrath

Production: Hans W. Geißendörfer

Editor: Frank Tönsmann (WDR)