Cemal  (Ismail Deniz) has taken things too far with his insane jealousy and now his ex-girlfriend Jenny (Jennifer Steffens) is taking him to court. A world comes crashing down for the young Turk when the judge announces his sentence: There must be at least 15 metres distance between him and the woman of his dreams at all times. And Jenny means it. If Cemal doesn’t stay away, she’ll call the police immediately. But Cemal decides to fight. He takes up position 15 metres from Jenny’s work place – a chemist’s – and doesn’t let anyone chase him away. However, Cemal’s presence turns out to be a happy coincidence when Jenny becomes the victim of an attack and fears for her life.


Ismail Deniz, Jennifer Steffens, Steffen Lehmann, Simen Soraya, André Michel



Director: Erkan Gündüz

Script: Erkan Gündüz, Marcus Seibert, Denis Martynov

Cinematography: Sebastian Lautenbach

Competition of film festival “Max Ophüls Award”, 2010