The film follows four people in Berlin who are training to become yoga teachers. Each of their motives is as different as they are from each other. Some want to teach because their profession isn’t fulfilling enough, others because they need a mental anchor in their high-powered life, are looking for some compensation for a lonely office job, or simply want to become more acquainted with the philosophy and culture of the various teachings of yoga.

The film is about the search for meaning, body awareness, crossing borders – and life in Berlin. Apart from teaching its pupils the basics, above all, the course demands that its trainees stay true to themselves: that they acknowledge their mistakes, weaknesses, contradictions, but also their talents and opportunities within their working life, their families and friends. Every man stands for himself and yet, they join forces to master these challenges. A serene empathy is invested in the observations of the protagonists during this process. They are accompanied in their physical and mental exertion. The camera is present both during the big emotional outbursts as well as in those moments full of slapstick.


Alina Gabriel, Nikolas Kröger, Deborah Schottenstein, Till Schröder, Patricia Thielemann



Director & Script: Irene Graef

Cinematography: Jutta Tränkle

Co-Produktion: Irene Graef (Cillafilm)