In the small, remote Scottish fishing village of Portmahomack lives one of the most successful British authors of our time: Anne Perry. Her crime novels have been enthusing a worldwide readership for 30 years and have sold more than 25 million copies. Anne Perry was born in pre-war London in 1938. She is christened Juliet Marion Hulme. More than 20 years later she will have to change it – after five and a half years in prison.

In the 1950s, Juliet moved to New Zealand where she became friends with Pauline Parker. Over time, the girls’ friendship grew unusually strong. So much so that when Juliet had to move away with her family both girls refused to accept their separation and Pauline was determined to follow her friend. Pauline’s mother, however, withheld her permission for this endeavor. Without any solution in sight, both friends developed a plan, hoping it would save their friendship: On June 22, 1954, Juliet and Pauline lured Pauline’s mother into a removed area of a public park where they killed her with a brick. After Juliet was released from prison, a new name was given to her by the authorities: Anne Perry.

In 1994, a film about the murder was released: HEAVENLY CREATURES featured Kate Winslet in the role of Juliet Hulme and became an international success. Amidst the storm of publicity that followed the film, Anne Perry’s identity no longer remained a secret.

For the first time ever, Anne Perry has welcomed a camera team to her home in the secluded Scottish Highlands. ANNE PERRY – INTERIORS accompanies the author and her small entourage of friends and family. In the search for the remains of a murder, the film touches upon the very human issues of guilt, remorse and forgiveness. With Anne, however, it does so from a point of view most unique.


Director & Script: Dana Linkiewicz

Cinematography: Mischa Leinkauf

Production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

Co-Production: GFF