For over a quarter of a century New Model Army has been one of the biggest artists of the underground music scene. They mean everything to their global fan community. Yet so far mainstream success has eluded them. This film is the story of the band and in particular their charismatic and unconventional lead singer, songwriter and founder Justin Sullivan. His refusal to compromise his principles has meant that his audience has remained loyal and the band has stuck together through harsh times, which would have defeated many. This is a very human story of a man who began life in a comfortable middle class Quaker family, yet turned his back on this and headed to Bradford where he met his muse. There he encountered like-minded musicians and together they formed the band, which connected to the mood of anger in Thatcher’s Britain, and quickly rose to prominence. Then, as international success was within their grasp, the relationship with Justin’s songwriting partner Robb Heaton foundered, and he died in tragic circumstances. Only once the band lost their studio and all their equipment, did Justin come to terms with the ghosts of his past and pursues a new radical approach to making music which lead to the creation of the band’s finest album.


New Model Army:

Justin Sullivan, Dean White, Michael Dean, Marshall Gill, Ceri Monger



Director & Cinematography: Matt Reid

Production: Jonathan Green, Hustler Street Films, Geißendörfer Film- und Fernsehproduktion (GFF) and Match Factory