Evi (Katja Studt) is 16 – and loves Pit (Jürgen Vogel). Bond (Jan Plewka) is 17 – and loves Evi. There are plans to build a nuclear reprocessing plant where they live. First love in a threatened environment.

Reindl (Lambert Hamel) is a politician, one of those who identify nuclear power with progress. He’s an astute election strategist – and a dangerous opponent. Reindl falls into Evi’s hands – four days before elections. Pit and Bond get involved. Amateur kidnappers try to abduct a professional politician. In vain. On election Sunday, the kids give up, Reindl is triumphant. But his celebrations are rather premature…


Katja Studt, Jürgen Vogel, Jan Plewka, Lambert Hamel, Bernd Tauber, Michael Lerchenberg, Johanna Baumann, Erich Hallhuber a.o.



Director: Hans W. Geißendörfer

Script: Irene Fischer, Dorothee Schön

Cinematography: Hans-Günther Bücking

Co-Production: WDR, Pro-ject Filmproduktion im Filmverlag der Autoren