Neil (Oliver Milburn) is in therapy. He feels responsible for the accidental death of his brother, who died as a child. With a group of friends he spends a weekend in a country house. There they want to shoot a film together. Sexual tensions and jealousies lurk beneath the apparently cheerful surface. This mixture becomes even more explosive when Lionel (Mathew Eggleton) becomes interested in Rose. Lance, a very impetuous contemporary, finally suggests that everyone in the group should take LSD. No sooner said than done. All this runs smoothly until Lionel is killed in a car accident. Neil sat at the wheel…


Oliver Milburn, Dearbhla Molloy, Danny Cunningham, Catherine McCormack, Thandie Newton, Nick Patrick, Biddy Hodson, Mathew Eggleton a.o.



Director & Script: Anna Campion

Cinematography: Alan Almond

Producers: Caroline Hewitt, David Hazlett, Hans W. Geißendörfer (GFF), John Maynard, British Film Institute (BFI), British Screen Productions