“Selbstgespräche” (“Soliloquies”) is a comedy about speechlessness in which people talk non-stop. The film focuses on four call centre employees who talk constantly because of their jobs, but all have major problems communicating on a personal level.

In four interconnecting episodes, we follow our protagonists and their amusing attempts
to find their place in life. At the same time, they are trying to ¨save¨ their call centre, as if the sales volume doesn’t drastically increasing in four weeks, the centre will be shut down.

(30) is the newby in the call centre. Like most of them there, he sees his job as being a kind of transitional phase. Sascha actually wants to be a TV presenter. And he’s got what it takes – at least, that’s what he thinks. But all he really is, is a big kid who just doesn’t want to grow up. It’s only when his girlfriend Astrid tells him she is pregnant that reality catches up with him. He now has to deal with the questions of responsibility
and reliability. However, due to his indecisiveness and inability to speak about his fears, he is in danger of losing his girlfriend and his job.

His colleague ADRIAN
(29) has a different problem: people make him nervous. And so he avoids them whenever he can. But he is a true sales genius and might even break the company’s own sales record by the end of the year. During one of his sales talks, he gets to know GABRIELE and can’t seem to stop thinking about her. But will Adrian dare to actually meet Gabrielle in person in spite of his greatest fear?

MARIE (29)
the most attractive woman in the call centre, has had enough of men for the time being.
After studying Architecture, her boyfriend RALF left her and their baby, and so Marie missed her chance of starting a career. She eventually ended up with a job in the call centre for which she feels excessively over-qualified.

When Ralf – for whom she still has a soft spot – tells her that he is having another child and would like to get married, Marie is so hurt that she forbids him to have any contact
with their son. As a result she has some serious financial difficulties and a child care problem to boot. Marie increasingly develops into a lone fighter, and although Ralf tries to win back her trust, Marie is not prepared to enter into an agreement. In the end, she comes to realize that her son is the one suffering most from her stubborn strategy.

HARMS (44)
the head of the call centre, doesn’t appear to have any of these problems. He seems to
be astute, confident and very charming. And yet Harms is perhaps the loneliest person of all in the open-plan office. For although he has mastered the rules of communication, these strategies are of little importance in the outside world. His marriage is falling apart and his rather clumsy attempts to win back his wife Gisela only make things worse. After the first professional setbacks begin to hit home, the facade of the eloquent communicator finally threatens to crumble…


Sascha Wegemann: Maximilian Brückner

Richard Harms: August Zirner

Adrian Becher: Johannes Allmayer

Marie Bremer: Antje Widdra

Tanja: Mina Tander

Alfred Becher: Heinz-Werner Kraehkamp

Gisela Harms: Kirsten Block

Micha Kowalski: Robert Meller

Daggi: Dagmar Sachse

Noah: Kilian Schüler

Gabriele Deutschmann: Melanie Vollmer

Pedro: Rainer Furch

Hans Peter Riedmann: Georg Uecker

Chris Norman a.m.o.



Director and screenplay: André Erkau

Producer: Hans W. Geißendörfer

Creative producer: Roswitha Ester, Torsten Reglin

Associated producer ZDF: Christian Cloos

Line producer: Andreas Habermaier

Production manager: Heinz Nickel

Director of photography: Dirk Morgenstern

Gaffer: Emil Jevtic

Recording supervisor: Andreas Wölki

Set designer: Ralf Mootz

Costume designer: Lore Tesch

Editor: Oliver Grothoff

Casting: Horst D. Scheel

Music: Dürbeck & Dohmen

Sounddesign and mix: 40° Filmproduktion

Winner of “Max Ophüls Preis ” (Award) 2008